Two Independent Business People Supporting One Another's Success

More people than ever are starting one-person businesses–21 million Americans generate nearly $1 trillion in annual income! But going it alone can be tough. With a Dynamic Business Duo POW!er Partner, you get all the advantages of a traditional business partner, with none of the baggage, and YOU KEEP 100% of your profits!

What is a Dynamic Business Duo POW!er Partnership?

Your POW!er Partner will:

  • Hold you accountable for defining and accomplishing your goals
  • Ask the hard questions and help you find your own answers
  • Give honest, unbiased opinions–often the most difficult feedback to find
  • Support and encourage your mission, your vision, and your success
  • Celebrate your success with you!
  • AND do it all for FREE

“Sally has defined a simple step-by-step process for success that works.
In complete Sally Anders style — a fun read that had me laughing out loud.”

Mary Elizabeth Murphy,
2005 North Carolina S.B.A. Women in Business Champion of the Year

You Will Discover:

  • Why POW!er Partners freely share their knowledge, wisdom, and network
  • How to find (and become) the perfect POW!er Partner
  • Why a Dynamic Business Duo has NO legal or financial ties
  • How being “selfish, but equal,” ensures success of both POW!er Partners

PLUS 22 POW!erful Workouts to create your own Dynamic Business Duo!