About the Author

Sally Anders is an independent speaker and trainer who teaches People Skills That Work, through workshops, presentations and learning assessments. She started her own one-person business, RealSolutions, twenty years ago when she mistakenly thought that since she had little or no experience as a speaker and trainer that no one would hire her. She never wanted to go it alone and tried to find a traditional business partner right from the start. But since one of her areas of expertise is conflict resolution, she was acutely aware of the downside to partnerships; so she was looking for the perfect partner. Not finding that, she began experimenting with support and mentoring models. None seemed to be exactly what she was looking for, so she began to develop the Dynamic Business Duo concept. After several less than successful partners, she finally found the perfect POW!er Partner!

When people began asking what she and her POW!er Partner were doing, Sally decided to jot down some notes and share the idea with others. When she started writing, she soon realized that she had a book.

Sally is a past-president of Wisconsin Women Entrepreneurs (Now the National Association of Women Business Owners – NAWBO) where she worked with many women in one-person businesses, partnered with the SBA and the Small Business Development Center at the University of Wisconsin, Madison to support women owned businesses.

She is also a past-president of the South Central Wisconsin Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development, and the National Speakers Association of Wisconsin.

Sally started her adult life a high school drop-out who soon married and had three children. After ten years of living happily ever after evading her, Sally returned to finish high school and discovered a life-long love of learning. After getting her high school diploma, she earned an Associates Degree in Dental Hygiene, (had one more baby) and later graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a Bachelors Degree.

Sally now travels the world helping people discover their own Superpowers so they can design the perfect Dynamic Business Duo POW!er Partnerships to launch their success.